Presentation:  Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: A New Algorithm for Evaluation
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1. Recurrent pregnancy loss can be characterized by the following, except?

a. RPL is defined by 2 or more failed consecutive failed pregnancies before 20 weeks of gestation

b. Occurs after both spontaneous conception and ART

c. Includes ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, implantation failure

d. Losses have been confirmed as “intrauterine miscarriages”

e. Pregnancy must be visualized by ultrasound or documented by histopathology

2. What is the first line treatment for antiphospholipid syndrome according to ACOG, ESHRE, and ASRM?

a. High dose prednisone adjusted to keep antibody titers low

b. Prophylactic subcutaneous heparin and aspirin

c. Therapeutic low molecular weight heparin

d. All of the above