Presentation:  Behind the Scenes in the ART Laboratory
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1. Regarding embryo selection, which statement is incorrect?

a. Embryo selection using morphology is an objective, process-driven approach

b. Embryo biopsy is highly invasive but not harmful when performed at the blastocyst stage

c. Time-lapse analysis is significantly detailed and assists in the identification of developmentally optimal embryos for transfer

d. The Gardener blastocyst grading system assigns separate quality scores to each blastocyst embryo

2. Which of the following statements is false regarding time-lapse imaging via Embryoscope:

a. Monitors each embryo for development

b. Allows for viewing the embryo in perfect culture conditions of the incubator throughout the cycle

c. Helps to identify genetically abnormal embryos

d. Provides more data compared to traditional monitoring methods without compromising embryo development